Double Sales

By Pertsiya Val & Liubarov Vladimir

  • Release Date : 2012-06-08
  • Genre : Marketing & Sales
  • FIle Size : 8.72 MB


Double Sales The growth of sales is possible only if it is pleasant and easy to grow them.
In your hands you are holding the book which explains the philosophy of growth of selling and gives practicalal recommendations on how to increase the growth of your sales 200% during two years. Reading of this book will be easy, practical exercises (if you want to perform them) will be pleasant, and the result will be stunning.
While reading the book you might figure out that you do not need money, and sales growth is contraindicative for you. Or you might figure out that during a half-year course you can teach your sales team much more effectively. Generally speaking, a lot of discoveries are waiting for you in this book. But no matter what you gain from it, we guarantee that the reading will be easy and pleasant, the same as your sales growth, if you apply the acquired knowledge practically.