Emotionally Unavailable Men: How to Spot Them and Handle Them

By Lyn Kelley

  • Release Date : 2011-07-03
  • Genre : Family & Relationships
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Emotionally Unavailable Men: How to Spot Them and Handle Them New, updated version 2015. Licensed Therapist and Certified Relationship coach Dr. Lyn Kelley gives you the real lowdown on closed men. Rate your man on the “emotional unavailability scale.” Why he shuts down emotionally, how to get him to open up, how to connect with him, how to create more intimacy, and how to make him fall deeply in love with you. She will help you understand his psyche, how to know if you should stay or leave. Plus: The best 15 strategies to handle an emotionally unavailable man. Here's what you'll discover:
Definition of emotionally unavailable
When you change, he changes
Whether or not your relationship can endure has to do with these 10 things

Chapter One: Common Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Man
Why is he so afraid?
Signs of emotional unavailability

Chapter Two: What Causes Emotional Unavailability?
Learned behavior
Passive resistance and passive aggressiveness
Weak and helpless men
Passiveness or weakness as a control strategy

Chapter Three: How Stunted Is He? A Continuum
Values vs ability
Quiet and reserved personality type
Conflict avoiders
Hot and cold
In another relationship
Shiny ball syndrome
Alcohol and addictions
Control, anger and hostility

Chapter Four: Why We Are Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Men
How EUM hook us in
The 4 reasons women choose EUM

Chapter Five: How You May Be a Cause of It
Change your perception
Why complaining doesn’t work
K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Sweet)

Chapter Six: How to Connect With an Emotionally Unavailable Man
Best ways to get more intimacy
15 Strategies proven to work

Chapter Seven: How to Know if You Should Stay or Leave
Are you in love with HIM or a FANTASY?
You have the right to feel loved
Speak in simple truths
Would couples therapy help?

Chapter Eight: How to Break Up With an Emotionally Unavailable Man
Talk and walk
Should we just take a break?
You deserve to be happy