Outlaws: Inside the Hell's Angel Biker Wars

By Tony Thompson

  • Release Date : 2011-08-04
  • Genre : True Crime
  • FIle Size : 1.84 MB


Outlaws: Inside the Hell's Angel Biker Wars An outlaw motorcycle club is a band of brothers like no other. Hidden away from mainstream society behind multiple layers of secrecy, mythology and a sophisticated campaign of misinformation that portrays them as nothing more than loveable rogues, the brutal truth about the biker world has long escaped public scrutiny. In reality, today's outlaw bikers are at the epicentre of a violent underworld subculture, enforced by a ruthless code of silence, and control a global criminal empire worth millions. Spanning the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia, OUTLAWS by Tony Thompson is a compelling, shocking and chilling story of how bikers are born and made, and how and why they die.